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2 Types of Insurance Coverages for Non Profits

Non profit insurance protects against injury and destruction of property to non profit organizations. It’s important to understand what kind of policy will best suit the needs of a particular entity. There are different coverage options.

1. General Liability 

Liability in non profit insurance covers the cost of reparations against an injured party as well as legal councel and fees in such a scenario. This can get a little bit tricky when it comes to coverage involving volunteers. Because a non profit can be found liable if one of its volunteers injures another party, it is important to build that potential into the coverage. Another element of a more comprehensive liability policy is the risk of injury to a volunteer, due to either accident or negligence on the part of the organization. 

2. Property Coverage

This type of insurance covers against damage or loss of property owned by, or in possession of, the non profit or in its care. It can include inventory, furniture, equipment and even the building itself. Property insurance covers things such as fire and water damage, theft and vandalism.    

Non profits exist to serve people and everybody benefits when they are protected from liabilities. By obtaining the right policies and working with the right people, they can focus on the important business befitting their attention.