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3 Benefits of Combined Manufacturing Insurance

Comprehensive insurance policies bring a lot of streamlining and cost containment to the table, which is why they are especially attractive to businesses. Working with a manufacturing insurance program brings additional benefits beyond what you would get from combined liability coverage or employment coverage on their own, too.

  • General and professional liability insurance with nuanced, industry-specific policy language
  • Manufacturing-specific coverage for equipment breakdowns, business interruption, and even off-site power failures
  • Complete coverage including state mandated policies like workers’ compensation and commercial vehicle coverage

It’s hard to overestimate the convenience and simplicity that comes with a single insurance policy designed to cover your whole business. That gives you one review period, one premium price, and one place to go for claims and advice about reducing them.

Learn More About Manufacturing Insurance

Since comprehensive manufacturing policies are built around the specific features of your operation, the only way to really learn what a policy would look like is to get a quote. With over a dozen forms of coverage brought together in many policies and over two dozen to choose from, the best way to approach the topic is to see if your business has any insurance needs that a manufacturing-specific program does not cover. If you shop around for the best program available, you’ll find more options, so keep working with quotes until you see one that covers everything in a single policy.