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3 Coverage Areas for Tankers

Tanker trucks have a significant role in the transport industry, whether the tank is hailing milk or crude oil. Tankers aren’t easy to drive, and there can be considerable hazards associated with the product being hauled. Accidents or damage caused by a tanker can result in an expensive lawsuit, which puts a steep financial burden on the operator or fleet owners. Tanker truck insurance is critical to making sure a trucker’s career isn’t ended by an accident.

Insurance Options

The team at Gain Insurance Agency recommends three types of insurance for tanker truck operators.

  1. Comprehensive and collision coverage. With this coverage, any damages to your truck from an accident where you are at fault could be covered. The comprehensive coverage works in cases of loss stemming from natural disasters, tornado, hail, fire, theft or vandalism.
  2. This coverage is required by law and must be in place in order to get a truck license or permit. Property coverage and bodily injury are included in this coverage.
  3. Medical payments. If you or another party is injured during an accident, this coverage will take care of the medical bills. The payments could include ambulance transport, hospital stays, rehab, and therapies, or prosthetic devices.

Though a tanker operator has had years of experience and a good driving record, an accident could happen at any time. Having a combination of these forms of insurance can provide some financial protection.