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3 Marketing Ideas for Frazzled Insurance Agents

If you want to catch the attention of new insurance customers, you’ll have to add a little pizzazz to your marketing, but how? Your marketing strategy should cater to your target demographics and key objectives. However, here are some great ideas that’ll get you started.

Advertise Your Website

When it comes to marketing ideas for insurance agents, your website should be a gold mine. From interesting blogs, engaging landing pages and SEO, take all the extra steps in polishing your web presences. What next? Tell everyone you meet about your website…all day, every day.

Referrals and More Referrals

Referrals are two fold. First, give your current clients an incentive to invite their networks to your agency. (Hint: Consider a policy credit.) Second, reach out to your network and partners and engage in a mutual exchange of leads.

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

Do you know one of the most overlooked marketing ideas for insurance agents? Free stuff! Do you have a company mascot? Hand out small stuffed animals to the kids. Offer their parents coffee coupons or a t-shirt after opening an account.

At every step of the way, think of fresh ways to solidify and promote your brand. If you get stuck, don’t be scared to adopt a few tactics from a different industry!