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3 Questions to Ask Your Insurance List Provider

If you need to market your products or services to insurance carriers, you may have considered using insurance lists. These lists are powerful tools for finding contacts, but only if you choose an appropriate list source. In order to reap the benefits, you first need to check out the company providing the list. Here are a few questions to ask before you choose a list provider.


  1. What Kind of Business Does the Provider Target?


A list provider will be more effective for you if the source specializes in your target audience. A provider working only with property/casualty insurers, for instance, will have more up-to-date and helpful information than a source that casts a wider net. A provider who specializes in your target has spent more time making contacts and cultivating the specific information helpful to you.


  1. Are the Source’s Insurance Lists Matched Against Dun & Bradstreet?


Be sure that your list provider verifies information with Dun & Bradstreet. A professional provider should perform these checks on a regular basis to ensure data accuracy. You know you have found a good source if the D&B number is provided for each company.


  1. How Specific is the Data?


Besides providing the D&B number, a quality list source should provide branch location, number of employees, and SIC codes carriers underwrite and are willing to insure. This data should be available for each contact.


Be sure you learn about a source and their contact data before you choose a list provider. Finding quality insurance lists in your target audience is an excellent tool for getting the word out about your products or services.