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3 Reasons Liability Insurance is Essential

We know that accidents happen. Car accidents or people getting hurt while partaking in certain activities. We do not always think about how accidents can happen around us. Especially as a business owner, liability insurance in Orlando is important to protect yourself and your assets.

1. Employer’s liability and workers’ compensation

This is a required type of insurance for businesses to have. It covers the business if an employee is injured or dies while partaking in work related activities.

2. Comprehensive general liability insurance

When injury takes place against employees or the public to due to the negligent actions of employees, this is the liability insurance Orlando has to offer to protect businesses against lawsuits. This also may cover businesses against slander, libel, tenant or contractual liability, as well as infringement on intellectual property.

3. Product liability

This liability insurance is for businesses that sale their manufactured products on the general market. If there was an injury or death from the product, this is the insurance that would protect against the lawsuits that would come from that.

When looking for liability insurance in Orlando, it is important to understand the needs of your business so that they are met with the appropriate liability insurance coverage. Making sure your assets are covered in the case of injury or a lawsuit will ensure that your business is not put on hold.