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4 Things To Look for in Staffing Agency Insurance Companies

Insurance companies that specialize in one industry have many obvious advantages over those that generalize. Staffing agency insurance companies are not all the same, however, so be sure the one you choose meets the following criteria.

1. Partners With the American Staffing Association

The ASA has represented staffing agencies since 1966. Any insurance company not recognized by them may not be reputable by industry standards.

2. Provides Third-Party Coverage

Third-party coverage ensures that you will not be held financially responsible for accidents that injure someone else. This is an extremely important aspect of staffing agency insurance.

3. Covers All Aspects of Staffing Agency Services

Staffing agencies provide several services to the companies they work with, and each additional job duty brings added risk. For example, not only do they recruit and place employees, but they may also provide training.

4. Responds to Claims Around the Clock

An accident may occur during the weekend, and you cannot wait until Monday to report it. Be sure your insurance company has a number you can call 24 hours per day.

Just because a company specializes in staffing agencies does not mean they are the best at what they do. Looking for the four things above will help you make a good choice.