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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Nightclub Insurance Provider

As an insurance broker, your nightclub clients are important to you. Your top priority is getting them the best nightclub liability insurance. Who do you go to? There are many carriers out there serving the hospitality industry. But who’s the best for you and your clientele? Who has a solid product line? Who has reliable service? What agency excels at mitigating risks? These are legitimate questions. Here are a few guidelines that can point you in the right direction. When you know what to look for it makes finding the right provider easier.

The first factor is experience. Look for an agency with an extensive track record working within the hospitality sector. Secondly, make sure the carrier offers coverage for different types of clubs. Does the agency cover venues with bars, DJs, valet parking, dance floors or food service? Also, consider a provider who possesses in-depth knowledge of legal, underwriting, claims and other back office operations. Finally, review the product line. What plans are offered in addition to general liability? Ideally, the insurer will offer coverage such as excess liability, products and completed operations, assault and liability, and liquor liability. Whether your client is situated in a high-risk location or an upscale urban area, you want an agent who can address all your nightclub liability insurance needs.