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Advantages of Having Employment Agency Insurance

A staffing agency, or a temporary employment agency, provides a very beneficial service to both businesses and workers. Businesses in need of short-term work can contract out to the employment agency to find workers, who could then go on to get full-time jobs with the companies that hire them. Due to their unique work, staffing agencies are particularly susceptible to needing particular types of insurance, so if your temp agency is not currently covered, it might be time to get employment agency insurance so that you are protected from certain events.

Protection from Candidates

Hiring discrimination is a very common lawsuit that companies face, and if an employee failed to receive a job through a staffing agency, you could be at risk. In addition to being protected against discrimination in the workplace, general liability insurance also ensures that the temp agency is protected against lawsuits involving injuries on the worksite and advertising injuries.

Protection from Other Businesses

It is not just individuals you have to worry about. Businesses can also file lawsuits if they feel you did not perform a sufficient background check on a particular employee.

Due to these various exposures, employment agency insurance is a very beneficial thing to have. It is a huge advantage for any staffing agency to have the various protections offered by a comprehensive insurance plan, including professional liability, general liability and fiduciary liability.