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How to Apply for a Carnet Online

Applying for a Carnet online doesn’t have to be difficult. Before you start, you will need to compile some pertinent information to help streamline the process and reduce the time involved. After you register your business, your trade and transportation insurance company will also need lists of the following:

  • Your merchandise, including count, volume, weight, country of origin, and model or serial numbers
  • The countries through which your goods will pass, as well as the destination countries
  • The purposes for which your products are being transported
  • All modes of transportation you will use
  • All names of persons responsible for your Carnet and merchandise while en route

You will also need to furnish your EIN or Taxpayer ID, your payment information, and details about your Temporary Transit and Storage Insurance policy. When you apply for your Carnet online, be sure to specify how soon you need your documents in order to ship your goods on time.

Other Considerations

Once you receive your Carnet, review all the information to make sure it’s accurate. During your travel, your Carnet will need to be validated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, so it’s advisable to locate a U.S. Customs office in advance. Upon your return, your Carnet specialists will close out the documents with the U.S. Council for International Business. This will conclude your transaction, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you saved your company valuable time and money.