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By the Cover: The Best Way to Insure Your Library

Libraries remains one of the most useful community tools, providing access to invaluable information to rich and poor members of a community alike. Unfortunately management of a library also comes with a significant amount of financial risk. With the right library insurance plan you can make sure that your library is secured against the potential misfortunes which can occur, keeping the doors open for the community.

It’s About More than Just Property

The property risks of having so many books and other media available for lending are not insignificant, with a great deal of collective value filling your library’s shelves, but that’s not all a library insurance policy can help with. Your policy can also be used to provide financial support for situations like sewer backup or damage, property left in the care of the library and more. Policies can also be acquired for the library’s directors and officers to assist in any liability as a result of on-the-job actions.

Don’t allow your library to be just one misfortune away from financial ruin. An effective library insurance policy is essential in making sure that your library can continue to do its fine work, even when disaster strikes. If your library’s coverage is lacking, get in touch with a provider today before it’s too late.