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Cheap Specialty Vehicle Insurance

Looking for cheap car insurance in Orlando, FL, can be a hassle, especially if you aren’t looking for the right type of coverage. Did you know that some insurance agencies offer specialty vehicle coverage in addition to traditional personal auto insurance?

Specialty Vehicles

If you have either of the following vehicles, considering purchasing the right insurance policy for them.

  • Classic car – It’s an investment, and it should be protected as such. Standard car insurance policies typically take into account a car’s depreciation over time. However, insurance coverage for a classic car is based on the vehicle’s agreed value instead of its cash value. These policies are also generally cheaper than standard car insurance because classic cars are usually well-maintained and driven less than normal cars.
  • Motorcycle – An insurance policy for a motorcycle includes several factors like the bike’s value, your driving record, when your drive your bike, security features, and the frequency of your drives. Driving a motorcycle is extremely different than driving a car; there are specific risks and problems that you face when riding a bike, so you need coverage that’s tailored to your situation.

Ride Into the Sunset

The policies for your specialty vehicles are more affordable than you think. When you’re looking for cheap car insurance in Orlando, FL, search for agencies that offer specialty vehicle coverage. With your property properly protected, you’re free to roam along the Florida coast, enjoying the warm sunshine and salty air.


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