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Choosing the Best Auto Insurance Policy

You would never consider foregoing auto insurance for your vehicles. If you are in an accident, proper coverage will protect you and others involved when you are at fault. Most states mandate some type of coverage, but not all policies give you the protection you need.

Basic Auto Insurance Options

Selecting the right auto insurance can seem daunting. It’s critical to discuss your options with your insurance agent to ensure you obtain the best coverage for your needs. Typical policies include some form of the following coverage:

  • Collision Insurance – In the event of a collision, repairs are covered
  • Liability Coverage – This protects against injury to others and damages to their property
  • Uninsured Drivers – If another motorist involved in the accident does not have insurance or has limited coverage, this policy helps to protect you
  • Medical Payments – This coverage pays for medical expenses that you and your family may require after the accident

Additional Coverage Available

Most auto insurance companies offer additional types of coverage. If you are at fault for an accident, accident forgiveness protection will prevent your rates from going up on your first offense. When your car requires extensive repairs, rental car coverage provides the use of a rental car for free.

Make sure you and your passengers are protected with a comprehensive auto insurance package.