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Different Types of Staffing Insurance

In the field of staffing insurance, there are many different types of policies offered. Each type of policy has its own specific uses and purposes. Finding the policy that works best for your staffing firm is important. What are some of the most common policies available?


General Liability


General liability insurance protects you, the agency, from claims of property damage and bodily harm. Some insurance companies expand this to include coverage against damage done by a temporary employee staffed by your agency.


Abusive Acts


Abusive Acts Liability insurance covers your company in the event of abuse. This abuse can include physical harm, illness, mental harm, fright, and sexual harassment. This protects the company in the event of being accused of any abuses by persons not in your employ. Basically, it protects you in the event you or your company are accused of any abuses by someone outside of the company.


Direct Hire


This type of policy protects the company against claims of misconduct while providing permanent hire or direct hire services. This protects in the event of a claim either by the employee being placed or a company receiving a staff member. This type of policy is typically designed for firms that only offer permanent hire services.


These are just some of the most common types of insurance offered to staffing agencies. There are many more types of staffing insurance that are also available for you to consider. Choosing the policies that work best for you can be a difficult but rewarding experience.


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