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Dispatch Software: The Future of Taxi Companies Is Now

Taxi cabs have been providing fast and reliable transportation in cities throughout the world for generations. On the front lines are the drivers, guiding their vehicles safely through traffic to get passengers to their destinations. But there are also employees behind the scenes who are just as important. Mechanics keep the fleet running. Then there are dispatchers, who control the flow.

Taxi Dispatch Software

The old school method had dispatchers staying in touch with drivers using two-way radios, tracking their locations with paper maps and using log-in sheets to know who was driving which cab. It could make for some challenging shifts in the dispatch cage.

Thanks to modern technology, there is automated dispatch software. Using GPS, the internet and smartphone apps, all of a dispatcher’s duties are faster and more efficient. There are several different brands of software from which to choose, but there are features that every cab company should have in their dispatch programs.

Essential Features

Among the most helpful features in automated dispatch software are these:

  • Automated functions – The fewer tasks a dispatcher has to do manually, the more things they can get done in a timely fashion.
  • Easy-to-use interface – Overly complex software takes more time to learn and use and dispatchers are already busy enough.
  • Excellent tracking abilities – Dispatchers need precise locations for drivers at all times so they can send the closest driver to a passenger needing pickup.

Without a dispatcher, a taxi company won’t run efficiently. It’s a tough job and dispatch software can help make it easier.