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Do Film Projects Need Production Insurance?

Film is one of the most important types of media in the entertainment industry. With an increasing number of independent filmmakers and producers, it is becoming more and more important to obtain a decent film production insurance policy.

What is Film Production Insurance?

Film production insurance is designed to protect production companies and film projects from potential liabilities on set. Because of the diversity of projects and goals, the best insurance policies are catered specifically to a given production company’s needs. For example, a short-term project will benefit from a one-time policy, whereas an ongoing project or larger film company will want to consider getting an annual policy.

What Should Be Covered?

Although it is important for producers to protect themselves and their company, it is just as important to protect the entire staff and crew as well. A good, comprehensive film production insurance policy will cover everyone in the event of a personal injury incident or theft. Additionally, equipment is an expensive, vital asset that needs protection as well. One should make sure his or her insurance policy will cover the loss and damage of both owned and borrowed equipment.

Film production insurance is a necessary part of any film project. Obtaining a decent policy will allow producers to work with peace of mind and focus solely on their project without unnecessary stress.