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Driving for a Living Can Make for Painful Conditions

Hired-car drivers are susceptible to injury due to the nature of their job, particularly the low back, spine, neck, and knees. This stems from hours and hours of sitting in the same position (behind the wheel either actively driving or waiting on a client), and the constant vibration of the vehicle, coupled with lots of repetitive motions, for example: getting in and out of a vehicle (which puts strain on the knees); and bending, reaching and lifting heavy suitcases and bags from the trunk and back seat throughout the day. Exposure to unsafe street conditions is yet another opportunity for misfortune. One worker found himself filing a limousine workers compensation claim after he tripped and fell hard outside a busy airport on some uneven pavement. The driver injured his neck severely in the fall, resulting in him being unable to work for several months. Other common problems that drivers complain about are cramps, pressure points, and inadequate circulation in the leg and buttocks, and spinal disc degeneration and disc herniation.

Is there anything you could do to avoid such a situation?

  • Change positions regularly while driving. Tilt the seat back and forth a notch periodically—say, every 30 minutes.
  • Perform stretching exercises to keep the back and shoulders limber
  • Maintain a healthy weight, as the sedentary job of a driver can pack on the pounds. Obesity increases the chances of hurting your low back.
  • Don’t drive with an arm resting on either the window or the arm rest for extended periods of time; again, switch up arm positions will help reduce the likelihood of shoulder or arm pain.
  • Don’t slouch in the seat. Use a firm backrest to gain additional back support if necessary.

Talk to a professional insurance agent about a limousine workers compensation insurance and risk management program that can help drive employees to roll with safety always on board.