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Effective Exercise Truck Drivers Can Do to Lower Blood Pressure

All truck drivers must abide by DOT blood pressure regulations. Unfortunately, life working on the road does not make it easy to maintain physical health. Incorporating some regular exercise into your weekly routine can help keep your blood pressure under the 140/90 threshold and help you live healthier.


As seen on https://www.truckinsure.com, aim to meet the American Heart Association recommendations of about 30 minutes of exercise daily. Walking, running and hiking are great ways to get the body moving. You can also fit in a HIIT workout a few times a week to get the heart pumping.


Sitting for long periods of time is not how man was meant to live. Do a daily round of exercises such as neck stretches, front bends, knees up, backbends and side bends, holding each for 5-10 seconds. These will help stretch out the obliques, back and neck muscles to reduce strain and help lower stress levels.


Consider keeping a few kettlebells or free weights in the cab for strength training. Increasing your resting metabolism helps maintain weight loss which puts less pressure on your heart.

Fitting in exercise to stay within the DOT blood pressure recommendations keeps you healthier and driving safely. Consider using an app to change up your routines and remind you to exercise.