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Effective Website Design for Insurance Companies

Many or most of an insurance company’s customers will first interact with an insurance company by going on its website. The layout, functionality, and features all have to be well put together in order for customers to form positive impressions. Here are some of the most fundamental elements that companies need to consider when they’re building an insurance website.

Speed is Indispensable

Slow load times could ruin people’s perception of a website even if everything else about it is outstanding. Speed needs to be a top priority in the design and testing process.

Create Multiple Ways to Engage Customers

Anywhere a prospective customer goes on our website needs a prominent and intuitively accessible place to interact with a company. A website should display contact information and invite customers to complete fillable forms.

Make Customers Want to Reach Out

Insurance marketing is competitive, so finding ways to distinguish a company from its competitors is extremely important. One effective way of standing apart from the crowd is showing some individuality and appearing accessible. Consumers want to work with people rather than big corporate entities. Insurance companies should showcase leadership teams with bio sections and videos.

Ultimately, insurance companies’ websites need to offer ease of use and project a positive image. Designing a high-performing website can enable companies to grow their customer base substantially.