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Every Business in the Hospitality Industry Needs These Types of Insurance

As the owner of a business in the hospitality industry you are fully aware of the risks you are facing on a daily basis. Your operations get even riskier without proper insurance. Every hospitality business has to have these types of insurance and a brokerage firm like RMS Hospitality can help with that.

The foundation of a comprehensive insurance package is general liability insurance. For the hospitality industry, there are no such things as small claims. What seems like a small incident at first can soon turn out to be so expensive that you would have to shut down your operations. Chances are you serve alcohol. An alcohol-related lawsuit could cost you huge sums of money, especially if serious injury or death is involved. Unfortunately, you can’t count on your customers making smart decisions and not get into their car after leaving your establishment. If they get involved in an accident, you would most likely be the first one who they are looking to sue. Protect yourself with liquor liability insurance. Customers could also sue you for other incidents that they claim are related to your service or products, such as food poisoning. That’s where products and completed operations insurance comes in. Last but not least, assault and battery insurance covers bodily injury and property damage due to violent actions by security staff.

These are the essentials for hospitality businesses. Depending on your situation, excess liability insurance can be important as well. An insurance firm like RMS Hospitality understands your needs and can get you the ideal comprehensive insurance package.