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Examples of Organizations With Volunteer Auto Liability Insurance

While most nonprofits require their volunteers to drive to and from work, some also require them to drive as part of their duties. Here are a few examples of organizations that rely heavily on volunteer auto liability insurance to protect them from the financial risk of accidents.

Supplemental Food Programs

Organizations such as Meals on Wheels rely on volunteer drivers to pick up and deliver food to elderly or home-bound individuals. Even though these volunteers use their personal vehicles, the organizations could still be held liable for damages and personal injuries if they cause an accident while making a delivery.

Refugee Services

Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service are two examples of nonprofits that provide volunteer transportation. Their duties include tasks such as picking up refugees from the airport and transporting immigrants to medical and legal appointments.

Early Childhood Development Programs

Some churches give back to their communities by offering after-school or pre-school programs free of charge. Driving a bus full of children across town is fraught with potential liabilities, so volunteer insurance is a must in this situation.

These are just a few examples of volunteer organizations that include transportation as part of their services. However, even those whose volunteers drive only occasionally still benefit from volunteer auto liability insurance.