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Expand Beyond the Basics of Your Uniform Rental Insurance Plan

Every rental operation comes with a large risk of profit loss due to uniforms becoming damaged. Most standard insurance plans such as general liability, boiler and machinery or property coverage do not account for these common incidents. Some insurance providers, however, are offering specialized coverage to help protect both small and large operations. Taking the time to explore uniform rental insurance options with added benefits tailored to the daily challenges confronting your establishment can prove to be a prudent investment.


Get Protection for the Mess You Can’t Scrub Away

Cleaning a vast amount of clothing daily so that they may arrive to your clients clean, crisp and in good condition is something that most company owners take for granted. It’s all in a day’s work, after all, but many do not realize that modern solvents constantly run the risk of staining your products instead of cleaning them. Adding pollution liability coverage to your uniform rental insurance plan is an affordable way to protect your business if a tainted cleaning solvent ever enters your doors.


A Unique Policy for an Affordable Rate

Pollution liability coverage helps protect you from the hard profit loss of having to replace a large amount of clothing. Additional benefits include:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Contaminated soil cleanup and removal
  • Property damage

Depending on an outside source for your cleaning chemicals, a product so vital for the well-being of your operation, is a big risk that many do not consider. Uniform rental insurance with added pollution liability can help prepare you for an unexpected event.