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Exposed to Sewer Water: There Are Tell-Tale Warning Signs

The concept preventing contamination took some time to catch on but, ultimately, it did. Before contemporary plumbing practices, people lived a lot closer to their excrement. What dangers were they incurring that they didn’t realize were fatal? 

Signs of Septic Infection

Modern society tests the load limits of regional hospital systems daily. In case of an emergency, the systems in place do their level best to manage a structure of care for fellow human beings. For those that manage the waste of a municipality or an institution, the health risk of operating outside of safety standards can mean a visit to these emergency  health providers. To decrease burden on general health capacity, when it comes to the handling of sewer construction, managers and owners must take charge of preventative measures. Septic tank overflows and toilet backups can turn a worksite into a bacterial battlefield. Each teammate needs be able to identify the tell-tale signs of infectious diseases caused by sewage water so as to reduce the time prior to medical intervention. Some of those discernible  symptoms include:

  • upset stomachleading to dehydration
  • skin infections 
  • respiratory distress
  • acute gastroenteritis 
  • ear/nose/throat inflammation

These employees or other exposed-persons  could have compensationfor potential injuries or chronic illnesses if their firm invested in septic insurance liability insurance. Occupational hazards can be impacted by increasing universal awareness.