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Do Fast Food Restaurants Need Insurance?

Any place that serves food, whether it is fine dining or fast food, needs to be insured. Restaurant insurance in California needs to be obtained by all business owners who operate a fast food establishment because there are numerous risks you face.

Business Interruption

There are times when you need to shut down operations momentarily to deal with an issue. A pipe may have burst or all your food spoiled. Regardless of the reason, you will lose quite a bit of income, but a comprehensive insurance policy can help you get through this time.

General Liability

This coverage includes slip and fall accidents. An employee or even a customer may spill something that someone else falls on. You may get taken to court, and being insured helps cover some of the legal fees associated with this. Additionally, general liability for restaurants typically includes food poisoning claims. Someone may sue you if it is alleged that they obtained food poisoning from your establishment, but general liability protects you.

All kinds of restaurants face risk. If your fast food place delivers, then you need to get automotive insurance as well. Plenty of companies near you offer restaurant insurance in California, so feel free to browse through your options to find a policy that works best for what you need.