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Finding a Policy That Protects Entertainment

Comedy club programs and facilities are an over sized dose of entertainment, but when an accident occurs, no one is laughing. Protecting both your clients and your business investment takes careful planning and a solid policy offering insurance for comedy venues. Here is what makes this type of coverage different from general liability.

Liability Limitations

Commercial liability policies are written for general risk and property concerns. These include fire, interior water damage, bodily injury and several types of property damage. Those operating a comedy club, while susceptible to these specific areas, are also exposed to several unique areas of risk. The sale and consumption of alcohol on the premises introduces a liquor liability risk, as do the reckless behaviors of intoxicated individuals. A policy written to address these areas of concern and others associated with operations may also include:

  • Food-based reactions or poisoning (Products-completed Operations)
  • Assault and battery
  • Automobile incidents involving hired or non-owned vehicles
  • Cancelled event claims
  • Personal or Advertising injury

Additional Services

In addition to providing key coverage for special situations, the right provider will also be able to offer risk assessment and management solutions. They should be skilled in investigating fraudulent claims, and inform their clients on the best surveillance methods for their location. Legal assistance throughout the claims process should also be included with your insurance contract.

To enjoy peace of mind while your patrons enjoy their time at your club, invest in tailored policy from a reputable company offering insurance for comedy clubs.