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Finding the Best Insurance Package for Your PEO

You make it your business to help your clients be successful. You offer them services to take care of human resource needs, training and development, group insurance and more. A premium PEO insurance package helps you offer the best coverage to your clients for a lower cost than they could find for themselves.

There are a variety of insurance policies that may be helpful to your clients. General liability is a standard part of almost every business package. Errors & omissions insurance offers coverage for mistakes that prompt legal action against your clients. Employment practices liability protects your clients from legal fees and settlements associated with issues of discrimination or unfair treatment. Workers’ compensation policies protect clients and co-employed workers from the fallout of workplace injuries or illnesses.

When you are looking for PEO insurance plans, you want a brokerage firm or underwriters you can trust. Look for companies known for their excellent customer service and impressive carrier contacts within the field. You need a company that has knowledge of the industry so that its representatives are able to offer you the best advice you can get about the specific coverage you need. Seek out a company that takes the time to set up a consultation with you to create the best insurance package for you and your clients.