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Firms Must Stay Abreast of Changes in Internet Marketing Methods

One of these days soon, the Yellow Pages—that trusty tome that for decades has provided a means of advertising and connection for consumers and business—may be relegated to the dusty museum shelves. More than ever before, companies must find their target audience, rather than the other way around. You’ll have to do the legwork to put your brand front and center in the places where you are most likely to encounter your demographic. That means a strategic mix of internet marketing, informative blogs, email campaigns, social media, and other more interactive ways of engaging consumers.

So long, interruption marketing

These communication streams are far removed from the old days of interruption marketing, wherein companies sought to gain customers merely by interrupting their daily activities by popping up and literally shouting a message at them. Now it’s all about earned media, the practice of naturally engaging customers by putting your voice into the conversation taking place online, whether it’s in social media, forums, blogs, FAQ sites, or other avenues. You may be writing white papers or performing some type of social or charitable activity that gives back to your community and advertises your firm’s name at the same time.

Along the way, firms are putting more focus on finding and cultivating leads, then converting them into clients, by placing content more strategically. And with so many different electronic tools to access your website, it’s important to design and program a singular experience that will deliver a cohesive message and sameness of use across all platforms, from computers to smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Responsive design addresses the problem of one size does not fit all

With so-called responsive design, the site changes based on the size of the device used, so on-the-go users who are navigating your site on smaller tools such as smart phones and tablets can more easily navigate your site via screen resolutions that are appropriate for the screen size of that particular tool. You’ll be able to tailor the user’s experience based on predefined minimum and maximum pixel dimensions for a better, richer, more personal experience that is more likely to convert a prospect into a client.

Work with an experienced internet marketing company that will know how to harness responsive design to improve the connection you make with your customers through the many electronic avenues at their fingertips.