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Four Ways to Protect Your Company From Cyber Crime

How can a business protect itself with cyber security breaches on the rise? Although there is no way to completely prevent such an event, there are many ways to reduce your exposure and manage your cyber liability.

  1. Be sensible with passwords – You and your employees should use complicated and different passwords for every account. They should be changed on a regular basis.
  2. Assess mobile device and wireless vulnerability – Most people are using their own devices for work-related tasks. Even if they don’t actually bring these tools into the workplace, they are using them to check emails and shared documents at home or even in public.
  3. Understand the risks of social media – Privacy settings aren’t enough; your employees should know who they are linked with, know what information is risky to share, and understand that apps mine your data silently.
  4. Risk management – You should ask yourself, what is the most important data that you business uses and needs to protect to run and serve customers? What data would have the biggest impact if it were stolen?

Newly emerging threats and increasingly effective technology is making it more difficult to stay ahead of the cyber protection curve, but there are always basic tools to provide data protection that you should not ignore. Basic security measures go a long way to make you a harder target. For better protection, you should consider a cyber liability insurance policy.