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Getting a Better Idea of Your Experience Modification Rating

Taking out an insurance policy that correctly reflects the demands placed on your business can be a big challenge. Thankfully, there are many different options business owners can consider in order to customize their plans and see the best possible results from their efforts. One interesting factor to take into consideration when looking at insurance policies is the e-mod. Getting a better feel for how the experience modification rating impacts insurance can help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting your own plan.

What Is an E-Mod?

Essentially, an experience modification rating (e-mod) is used to highlight the experience a business has when it comes to claims. The number is then compared to the average claim rate of businesses within the state where the business operates. The better the loss experience, the more likely it is a business will receive an e-mod credit, as opposed to an e-mod debit. Other points that can be important to consider when selecting a policy based around your e-mod rating can include:

  • Frequency of claims
  • Severity of claims
  • Volume of claims

Discover the Right Plan

To be sure that you are selecting the absolute best insurance package for the type of business you operate, you should dedicate time and effort to learning more about your options. Give yourself a chance to understand factors like the e-mod to make decisions that will best benefit the future of your business.