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Getting More Out of Your Staffing Insurance Plan

There are plenty of problems that can come along with running a specialty business. Not only can it be more challenging to deal with traditional business tasks like marketing and organic growth, you also must consider the unique circumstances of your industry in order to find appropriate insurance coverage. If you run a staffing firm, for example, you might find yourself confused about whether or not your temp workers can be covered via traditional means. Unfortunately, business owners must typically take extra steps when they employ workers of this designation.

What Are Temp Workers?

The idea of the temp worker is nothing new. Official temporary employee classification pretty much applies to any individuals who are not employed in a full-time capacity by an organization and are only required to commit to the job until the end of a contract or project. With a temp agency, this is a vast majority of the employees. Since traditional workers’ compensation plans and other insurance options will not apply to such workers, you need to find specialized policies that reflect your actual needs. Areas to consider include:

  • Theft or damage caused by subcontractors
  • Harassment claims against a client
  • E&O coverage for documentation

Getting More From Your Insurance

The more you understand about your industry’s risks, the easier it will be to find insurance that meets your needs. Review your options to find a plan that helps your staffing agency stay safe no matter what issues may arise.