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How Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Hotel

As a hotel manager, it is your responsibility to protect hotel assets and use risk mitigation and preventative measures to protect the hotel. Instead of waiting for a safety hazard, hotel preventive maintenance can reduce the odds of legal claims against your establishment.

Protect Your Guests and Employees

Is your hotel prepared for an emergency? If you have a fire safety system installed, for example, when was the last time you checked the batteries or inspected the plans in place? You need to perform regular fire alarm checks and fire extinguisher checks. All rooms and main rooms should have working smoke detectors.

Protect Asset Damage

Power outages and plumbing failures can cause the most damage to your building. For example, if your building has draining issues or leaks, it can lead to flooding. Flooding not only leads to severe structural damage but can cause mold and mildew growth in your hotel. Mold on furniture and other assets can leave it unusable.

When it comes to the hotel business, it is your job to ensure that your facility runs smoothly. You have a responsibility to protect guests, staff and assets. To protect your assets, you need to invest in regular hotel maintenance. When everything is in working order, you are less likely to suffer damages due to an accident.