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How to Help Your Agent Help You

The true mark of client focus is the way an insurance company handles the claims process. For many consumers, having to file a claim brings thoughts of stress and frustration. When you work with the Redland Insurance Company claims department, you find the definition of excellence in customer service. However, there are several things you can do to make filing a claim go more smoothly for both you and your agent.

Automobile Claims

Auto accidents are a commonly reported incident to the insurance. If you have had the misfortune of being in an accident, follow this checklist to keep your claim process stress free.

Contact the police immediately after the accident happens.
Have the responding officer file a police report and obtain a copy as soon as you can.
Document the details of the accident and get the name and contact information from the other driver.
Call your insurance company right away. They can give you instructions on what else they will need.
Meet with a claims specialist to find out about damages and car repair.

Whenever you contact the Redland Insurance Company claims department, have your claim number handy to receive more prompt and specific information concerning your incident. If you have given them what they need, you are incapable and competent hands as they work to resolve your claim and get you back on the road.