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How to Keep Yacht Clubs Protected

All businesses must be proactive by putting safeguards in place to protect themselves and their customers. After all, there is a lot at stake, and in virtually all cases mandated by law. When a business deals specifically with luxury services, those same exposures, to which other businesses are also vulnerable, can be magnified. Some reasons for this include the higher amount of money exchanged, the type of clientele as well as the high value of certain assets. This is why yacht club insurance is a must in order to keep these types of businesses protected.

Special Protections With Yacht Club Plans

Yacht clubs are unique in that in addition to the boats being operated off or shore or docked, there are other assets and liabilities that will may also need coverage. Other areas that will need to be considered include:


  • Grounds and facilities
  • Property of yacht club members
  • Chartering services
  • Education services such as sailing school
  • Special events including regattas
  • Employees providing services on water
  • Oil spills and pollution

Finding the Right Insurance Agency

When canvassing the market for the proper insurance plans, there is no need to settle for just any general insurance agency. Finding one that knows marine businesses thoroughly can help get the best customized yacht club insurance to fit your needs.