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How to Prevent Car Damage Due to Road Construction

In cities with ongoing infrastructure projects, car damage due to road construction sometimes becomes so commonplace that it creates negative public sentiment toward construction companies and their crews. However, contractors can minimize collisions by taking the following two steps toward prioritizing safety.

Educate Yourself

The U.S. government publishes a number of documents about safety on a road construction site. Some to add to your reading list include the following:

  • S. Department of Transportation’s “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices”
  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s “Workplace Safety & Health Topics:  Highway Work Zone Safety”
  • S. Department of Health and Human Services’ “Building Safer Highway Work Zones: Measures to Prevent Worker Injuries From Vehicles and Equipment”

Inspect Cones and Signs

A large percentage of construction site accidents occur when motorists strike cones and signs that construction workers have placed to reroute traffic into safer lanes. Workers should inspect these items before placing them, to ensure they are not defective and that they are in optimal locations.


A road construction site is inherently dangerous because it interrupts the normal flow of traffic. However, companies can minimize risks to drivers with a modicum of foresight. Following the above suggestions will help keep accidents to a minimum so that road improvements can continue unimpeded.