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How To Protect Yourself From Professional Liability Claims

Professional Liability Claims When it comes to professional liability claims, every situation is different. In order to protect yourself from such claims, there are a few things you can watch out for. The following are four typical reasons that someone might slap you with a liability claim and how you can avoid the possibility.

  1. Poor Client Relations. Make sure that you treat your client as an equal. Never speak to them as if you know more than them. Give them good advice and allow them to make their own decisions with the information you give them. By doing these things, you should have a better relationship with all of your clients.
  2. Failure To Provide Full Information. Be sure that you give each client a digital and a hard copy of the terms of your representation. If they have any questions, be sure that you are open to meeting with them to discuss any of it.
  3. Poor Knowledge. In dealing with your clients, be sure that you are truly qualified to handle their situation. If there are new developments or methods in your area of expertise, learn them.
  4. Suing Your Client. You may be tempted to sue your client for fees that are unpaid, but in doing so, you may cause them to slap you with a malpractice claim. Bill your clients, make sure the fees are in writing, and try to be patient.

Of course, you can try everything possible to stay out of a legal mess, but sometimes there are simply circumstances that are out of your control. In order to avoid having to pay for professional liability claims that may come your way, speak to your insurance agent about errors and omissions insurance.