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Insurance a Must for Drivers, Especially Those Whose Cars Criminals Crave

Of course you need insurance in Maryland or anywhere else you live—it’s not only a good idea, it’s the law. What’s more, if you happen to own certain vehicles that are very popular with thieves, you are much more likely to find yourself filing a claim. You might think that it’s the newest, most expensive cars that are most in danger of theft, but that’s not the case.
Take the Honda make—thieves often do! In fact, the 1994 Honda Accord has been at the top of the “most frequently stolen vehicle” list for four years running. Experts chalk up this phenomenon to two major facts: the parts are very popular and in demand so they sell very quickly, and the vehicle’s security measures are not considered that hard to surmount. Second on the list is the ubiquitous 1998 Honda Civic, again popular for its mass distribution (and thus, wide market for stolen parts that sell at a good clip and for a fair amount of money).
Next on the list: The 2006 Ford pickup. These trucks have strong engines and lots of cargo and leg room—useful, perhaps, for thieves to cart around their ill-gotten goods in.
The fourth most stolen car is the 1991 Toyota Camry. The mass appeal of the Toyota and the relative ease thieves have in gaining entry to the vehicle makes it, unfortunately, a longtime favorite.
The vehicle in the number five position might surprise you. No, it’s not a sexy convertible or zippy roadster, it’s the pride of soccer moms everywhere, the 2000 Dodge Caravan. An efficient, peppy engine and lots of interior room, combined with a security system that thieves find simple to circumvent, makes it a criminal favorite.
Whether your vehicle happens to be one that criminals favor or not, don’t make it even easier for crooks to steal your wheels by leaving the doors unlocked, windows or sunroof open, or keys in the car—regardless of where you are parked or for how long. To ensure you are adequately protected, talk to your professional agent about insurance in Maryland for all your personal needs.