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Insurance Essentials for Businesses

Owners and operators of virtually every size business can realize significant savings and enhance their risk management strategies by shopping for multiple insurance policies from a single carrier. General liability insurance alone may be insufficient to fully safeguard a business against liability and loss. Getting a commercial package policy could offer several vital forms of protection at affordable rates.

Property Insurance

Any business that owns the premises where it operates should carry commercial property insurance. Coverage needs will depend on the value and condition of a property as well as geographic factors for risk exposure.

Workers’ Compensation

Many businesses need to carry workers’ compensation coverage as a matter of law. It can pay for major expenses such as medical care when an employee suffers an injury on the job.

Directors and Officers Liability

A corporation’s board members and corporate officers may face personal liability for certain types of legal claims. A directors and officers liability policy will protect these valuable team members by paying for legal costs, settlements, or court-ordered damages.

Getting insurance that is affordable should not require having to do without essential lines of coverage. It is advisable for business owners to work with an insurance company that has extensive experience helping commercial clients get competitive quotes from reputable carriers.