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Insurance for Precious (Truck) Cargo

While it is likely obvious within a trucking business to have automobile insurance of some type in order to financially protect any sort of problems or damages that arise from the company vehicles, commercial transportation includes yet another part of importance in need of safeguarding: the cargo. Automobile insurance typically won’t cover the costs for anything that happens to the cargo within a transportation truck, even though it would be able to take care of the costs involving the truck itself. This is where commercial truck cargo insurance is needed. While this may be a separate cost from the trucking insurance, it is vital to ensuring a successful business, both protecting against financial loss from an accident while also letting clients know you take the safety of their goods seriously.

What Is Covered?

When it comes to commercial truck cargo insurance, there can be situations and exceptions which may not cover every possible risk. However, it’s important to work with insurance companies to get the best possible policy depending on your business. Typically, cargo insurance covers:

  • Damage during loading or unloading
  • Water damage from leaks
  • Burnt cargo damage and loss
  • Theft or other crimes which lead to missing cargo
  • The harm that is done to cargo if the truck is involved in an accident
  • Cleanup of any cargo spilled on the road during transportation