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Is Your Insurance Agency Website Optimized for Customer Expectations?

In the early days of the Internet, websites were much less complex. Today, with search engine optimization, tablets and smartphones, and website security, there’s a lot to deal with when building an insurance agency website. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only issues that someone must contend with. Customer expectations are high. If your site isn’t immediately responsive with the information someone needs, they are going to leave and find your competitor.

Today’s websites need to be secure for customers who are transmitting data. This doesn’t just protect clients, but also vendors who deal with your business. It doesn’t matter how small or how big your business is, hackers want the private data which you have. Ensuring your technology is up-to-date is vital to your operations and risk management.

Your customers are looking for you on their phones and tablets. Your insurance agency website must be optimized for information on every platform. They might be using the iOS on their iPhone 4 or iPhone 6, which have two completely different sized screens. Making sure your site works for any web browser on different electronics gives you the most opportunities to reach customers.

A professionally designed website offers a good return on your investment by converting customers to sales. Increase your profitability with the right site that meets customer’s expectations.