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Is Your Vacation Home Protected?

Owning a lake house, a beach cottage or a mountain cabin means you can leave your busy life behind and relax. It’s your secret getaway and you need to make sure it’s protected just like your everyday home, which is where insurance for vacation homes comes in.

Potential Risks for a Vacation Home

Generally speaking, your vacation home is vacant for most of the year, unless you rent it out on the side. Having an insurance policy can help you protect your home even if it’s not your main residence. There are different ways you can ensure your home, as explained by www.sboneinsurance.com/, such as including it under your homeowner’s policy, as a standalone policy or even as a business property policy if you rent it out. These policies can cover various claims, including the following:

Damages from fires
Storm damage
Water damage

If your vacation home faces other dangers specific to the region, such as hurricanes, your insurance provider will take that into consideration and work it into the policy. The policy you receive all comes down to the location, the risks and the use of the property.

Protecting Your Secret Hideaway

Your home away from home is just as important as your main residence and should be protected just the same. That’s why homeowner’s choose insurance for vacation homes for a sense of security even while they are not there.