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How Do You Know Whether You Need Renters’ Insurance?

Have you thought about the consequences of an unexpected accident or loss in your rental home? Apartment rentals insurance in Champaign, Illinois, costs less than you might think and can cover you in these situations you may not have considered.

Power Outage

If there’s an electrical outage or your refrigerator breaks down, your landlord has to make repairs but doesn’t have to pay for spoiled food. Imagine how many carts you would have to fill to replace it all. This kind of loss could be much costlier than you thought.

Structural Damage

A problem that starts in your apartment can cause issues beyond your walls. If you accidentally leave an appliance running or a candle burning and a fire results, you may be liable for smoke damage in other units. By the same token, a flood in the apartment above you could ruin property in your home. Without insurance, you’ll pay out of pocket for these expenses.

Total Loss

You may not have pricey furniture or fine jewelry, but what would it take to replace everything you own? When you start to figure the cost of all the little things you have – along with major items such as your television or laptop – you’ll probably realize that you’re far better off with insurance coverage than without it.

An insurance agent can help you assess your need for apartment rentals insurance in Champaign, Illinois. It doesn’t cost anything to get a quote, and it can save you a great deal in the long run.