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Learn About Personal Liability Coverage for Your Orlando Home

The sunny Orlando weather is perfect for relaxing on your patio. You can enjoy the shade of an umbrella while you share a lounge chair with your dog and a pizza with some friends. Life is unpredictable, though, and your relaxing afternoon with friends can change quickly. What if a friend slips on your patio? What if your dog bites the pizza delivery guy? What if that umbrella catches the wind and damages the neighbors house? These are all reasons why personal liability coverage is an important part of your Orlando homeowners insurance.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability is damage caused by you or your property. Personal liability coverage in your homeowners insurance policy protects you against many kinds of accidents or incidents. If your friend who fell, the injured pizza delivery guy or the neighbor sues you, your personal liability coverage may pay for the injuries or damages. Personal liability coverage usually will not cover damage caused by your car or medical bills of people who are members of your household. Personal liability coverage usually provides a maximum amount of coverage for an incident.

The Right Coverage

It is important that you know the maximum coverage and any exclusions before an incident occurs. Verify that your Orlando homeowners insurance includes the right coverage. If not, find a provider that will help you determine the appropriate amount of personal liability coverage that should be included in your policy.