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Liability Coverage for Local Government Employees

Municipal government workers are at risk for many types of lawsuits. That’s why it’s critical to ensure they are protected with a comprehensive liability package.

What Type of Liability Insurance Is Necessary for Public Workers?

Professional liability insurance for public officials is the best protection against unwanted claims. A comprehensive policy provides coverage that addresses the many exposures faced by public workers. Talk with your insurance agent to ensure that policy you choose is tailored to meet your specific needs.

What Liability Risks Do Public Employees Face?

Because many government employees make daily decisions about business permits and zoning issues, unhappy citizens can sometimes take issue with those decisions. Professional liability coverage helps to pay for the legal fees and any possible settlements down the road.

Other liability risks for public workers include the following:

  • Wrongful termination lawsuits brought by employees that claim discrimination or harassment
  • Mismanagement of funds that cause financial hardship to another entity
  • Improper administration issuing permits or licenses

In addition to the risks that decision-makers face, engineers, architects, lawyers and accountants working in the public arena are exposed to many liability risks as well. Unhappy clients can sue for errors, perceived negligence or fraud.

Make sure your public officials and other workers are protected against unwanted litigation with a comprehensive professional liability insurance plan.