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Library Risk Management Helps Lower Claims

Having a Safety Committee implement and hold the staff accountable for safety measures can reduce the number of incidents, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. A safe library culture is part of an effective risk management plan. Brownyard insurance understands how to protect your library’s specialized risks and liabilities.

Safety Culture

Documentation and templates focusing on a safe workplace help instill a safe corporate culture within the staff at the library. Having a plan for handling certain risks before they become a bigger problem helps the library as a whole reduce incidents and lower costs.

Improve Efficiencies

When all the staff is on the same page for safety, it is easier to be more efficient in handling risks. A select committee focusing on safety allows others to focus on other aspects of the library.

Reduce Incidents

Displaying rules, recommendations and other documentation in easy to view areas keeps everyone accountable. When everyone is on the same page, they can keep an eye on each other and help reduce the number of incidents.

Lower Costs

Lower insurance premiums lower overall costs of the library’s operating budget. Fewer claims help lower those premium costs.
Employing an effective risk management strategy can help the library lower its risk and reduce insurance costs. Get the comprehensive coverage your library needs with Brownyard insurance and their By the Cover plans.