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Litigation Woes and Nursing Homes Liability

Each and every year your nursing home may come under fire from litigation stemming from mistakes by nurses and other staff members, to accusations of neglect, improper care and dozens of other potential exposures, including wrongful death suits. One incident after another makes headline news.


With the potential of a court settlement in the millions of dollars, isn’t it good business sense to protect your assets, valuable property and the business you have strived so hard to build? Be a beacon in the community by providing it with the best nursing homes liability insurance you can afford.


A member of your nursing staff is likely to be named in most suits resulting from a family’s claim of neglect or abuse. As medical professionals, they expect you to trust that they are doing their best to protect patients’ everyday while they’re on the job. But mistakes are not all that uncommon. Unfortunately many medical professionals have come under scrutiny whenever something happens to a patient for whom they are in charge of on a regular basis.


This is why it’s important that Professional Liability insurance is secured to protect your nurses and nursing home. This is coverage is designed to provide the costs for legal defense in the event you are sued because an error or negligence on the part of one your nursing staff. It will also pay for indemnification in the event your organization is found liable.