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Many Architects Need Liability Insurance That Covers All Workers

Most architects with their own firms protect themselves and their regular staff from professional liability through Architects Professional Liability Insurance. However, some may not realize the importance of extending that coverage to other types of workers, such as temps and independent contractors.


Temporary Staff


In order to function on a daily basis, many architecture firms need to have a receptionist and other administrative staff available during office hours. When a regular staffer is out sick or on vacation, it may be necessary to use temporary workers. If a firm ever faces litigation stemming from a mistake made by a temp, it may not be covered by a basic professional liability insurance policy. This would leave the company to handle the full cost of the lawsuit, which could quickly become a mountainous expense.


Independent Contractors


Architecture is a field that is becoming increasingly cooperative. While in the past a building’s design and structure were separated from other aspects of the build process, today’s architects must collaborate with landscapers, engineers, environmental consultants and construction managers. Because many of these are considered independent contractors, it is often to the architect’s benefit to have them covered under the firm’s liability insurance plan.


Self-employed architects enjoy a lot of freedom in their work, but must also shoulder the administrative responsibilities of managing their own firms. One important aspect of this is holding adequate Architects Professional Liability Insurance policies that cover all relevant workers and contractors. This may require a tailored plan, but the peace of mind it brings is well worth it.


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