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Marine Manufacturers Insurance for Streamlined Costs

When you build, service, or upgrade watercraft, your business has complex insurance needs. For most companies, seeking out separate providers for every area of coverage is too much of a burden, especially when it comes to annual policy reviews and renewals. Comprehensive marine manufacturers insurance is built to cover most if not all of your needs as a shipyard, boatbuilder, or similar service provider.

  • General liability that includes product liability
  • Commercial auto
  • Umbrella and excess coverage as needed
  • Pollution liability and other industry-specific marine liability coverage options
  • Hull policies for damage and builder’s risk
  • Personal and business property coverage
  • Broad enhancements like transit or building ordinance provisions

Businesses with employment insurance needs will want to look into employment liability and worker’s compensation programs in addition to manufacturer’s coverage, but independent operators can cover a freelance business with no employees with the basics provided by one of these programs.

Learn About Your Additional Coverage Needs

If you work with a well-established marine insurance provider with wide experience, you can often find any additional coverage you need through their other programs. Check out your options today, and ask about any insurance needs that are not included in a quote when you see the results. Even if the provider you are working with does not meet those needs directly, they may have a professional referral for you.