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How to Navigate Marina Insurance Options

Insuring your marina can be a complex operation, as there are many factors at play in keeping a marine facility running. Whether you are a small marina, a large yacht club or a multi-use facility that includes rental, dining and retail facilities, it is important to determine which type of insurance is appropriate for your business.

Keeping Your Insurance Ship Shape

As navigable waters are governed by different rules than those of the land, there are several issues to consider when choosing a marina insurance. These include, but are not limited to:

  • OSHA
  • Federal Maritime Laws
  • Coast Guard Security
  • Environmental protection

Choose an insurance company with a proven track record in marina insurance to ensure your establishment is compliant with the current regulations and codes. A well-established, professional agency will have a working familiarity with the necessary ordinances, and will be able to assist you in understanding the laws.

Risk Management

While no insurance company can keep your and your clients’ properties safe from storm damage, they can assist in helping you evaluate risk and cut down on losses associated with hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. A trusted insurance agent will help you assess all the options available for your business, to cut down costs without compromising the protection you deserve.