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Outsmarting the Criminal Conduct

The changing pace of the business world is leaving some small business owners open to great risk in multiple areas of liability. As Northstar warns, employee theft and dishonesty are on the rise, just as is the threat of electronic hacking and stolen data. With a commercial crime insurance policy, you can give your company a support system in the event of loss related to employee activity or third-party actions.

Areas of Coverage

With a commercial crime package, coverage areas typically include incidents involving:
Monetary theft
Security theft
Employee dishonesty
Computer fraud
Areas of Importance
In most commercial insurance packages, crime coverage is not included. This must be specifically added to the base package or it might be obtained as a stand-alone. Because of the liability and potential for employee theft of merchandise, cyber-crime involving credit card information, or a walk-in robbery, it is important that your business has the back-up provided by a sound commercial crime insurance policy. Although there may be limits specified according to the incident location, the financial support policy will add can keep your company from devastating financial loss and overwhelming settlement payouts.
Don’t let commercial crime take you by surprise. Whether you own a small business or operate a large company, having a comprehensive insurance policy to address the liability of crime is a smart investment.