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Possible Coverage Extensions for Builders Risk Insurance

Even if your company has builders risk insurance, it may not be enough to cover certain costs or complications. Coverage extensions can widen your protection by providing compensation for unexpected expenses that arise from damage or loss. It is a good idea to consider coverage extensions when purchasing a policy, such as a builders risk policy in New Jersey.


If your construction project includes scaffolding, you may want to purchase a coverage extension to cover this aspect of your project. Scaffolding allows pedestrians to walk close to an urban job site while remaining protected, or for a construction worker to reach a high area of a construction project. Accidents can occur at or around scaffolds from falling debris or collapsing scaffolds.

Debris Removal

Sometimes when a loss occurs on a job site, the site will be left with a large amount of debris. A coverage extension can ensure that this debris can be removed without the company having to pay out-of-pocket for the expense. Debris removal can be quite costly for a construction company due to the size of the job site.

Fire Department Service Charges

When the fire department becomes involved in saving or protecting property from damage or loss, a coverage extension can cover the cost of this service. This service is not generally covered under the terms of the builders risk policy but is often crucial to preventing further loss and damage.

Sometimes a traditional builders risk policy isn’t enough to cover everything that can go wrong in a construction job site. New Jersey residents should research coverage extensions for a builders risk policy in New Jersey.